Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Cricut DIED!!!

Hi everyone! Soo I have been having a few issues with my cricut, slaming its blade housing into the wall, and skipping through cuts! I called Provo craft, wonderfully nice girl, they are sending me a new one! BUT it will take about 3-4 weeks! I can't live without my machine, sooooo, I went to Wally world and bought a new one! I got it for $189!
Also my bestie and I went to the Prima parking lot/warehouse sale and got bunches of flowers! The women were sooo friendly and I met a really nice one, her name is Yolie,, check her out. Her husband attended with her which I thought was way cool cause my hubby probably wouldnt set foot in there with me! I had to tease her hubby a little about it, he was a good sport!


  1. That's a still great price for the Cricut! I regret not getting the flower rack, for some reason I thought it was only the rack without flowers, duh! Hmmm should I go back for more? I'll ask the hubster!

  2. I would go back!! yeah it wasnt such a bad price! But i might sell my new one from Provo when it gets here!