Sunday, January 30, 2011

CHA 2011

Im back from CHA! But lol the only picture I got was of cricut himself! I was so into seeing everything I didnt get pictutres! I can tell you a couple of things though! The new CRicut that is coming out, It does use both the regular carts and the imagine BUT the only use you have with the imagine cart is cutting the images. So the patterns that are on them would not be able to be used cause it does NOT print. the light you see in the release picture by the blade is NOT a laser cutter its just a light! LOL. It is touch screen so you dont use the overlays with it and it can save your settings for depth for differnt matierals. To me its worth it to buy the Imagine to have full use of their carts. Oh yeah the price will be the same as the reg. expression.The other thing I found out is Glimmer mist reformulated its mist so you can shake it now and it should have less spit! We did a make and take with Tattered angels and its adorable!

We came home with several sets of sissors from Westcott. They are AWESOME! One pair NOTHING sticky sticks to them! We got alot of childrens craft stuff from Toner Plastics, who got us in! Some Tattered angels samples and some great make and takes

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